Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tennis...Fun or Exercise?

Recently I have gotten into Tennis. It's a really fun sport, and even better it's great exercise!! I find sometimes if you distract yourself from the fact that you're working out with some friendly competition it helps to keep your intensity up and push through longer, at least it does for me!
So here's the breakdown on calories burned from just an hour of tennis, which goes by so quickly when your head is really in the game! I end up playing more like two hours on accident!

Doubles Tennis 130lbs=354 Calories 155lbs=422 Calories 190lbs=518 Calories
General Tennis 130lbs=413 Calories 155lbs=493 Calories 190lbs=604 Calories
Singles Tennis 130lbs=472 Calories 155lbs=563 Calories 190lbs=690 Calories

So not only do you get to get out and play a game, you are actually burning a lot of calories! Find a sport you like and start getting competitive!! It's fun AND healthy!!

For other sport calorie counts check here.

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