Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This plate may look somewhat familiar, since I did a post on the chicken you see as well as the sweet potatoes (these are white not orange, but same prep). Today however, I am going to focus on the asparagus on the plate.

Asparagus has many health benefits, it helps the kidneys and liver function better, it also is a great source of folate and a B vitamin that is good for your cardiovascular system. It is also especially important for pregnant women because it's known to help prevent certain birth defects, such as spina bifida.

That's the first good news, all the benefits it provides, the second good news, I have the perfect, EASY way to cook it so it comes out perfect, not too mushy, not too crunchy. First thing you do when you buy asparagus is to look for ones that aren't too thick, you want to look for thinner stalks. Once you bring them home you need to snap off the ends, if you just lightly bend them back and forth they will snap off where they should. Then find a flat bottom pan that fits the stalks and boil about an inch of water. Once the water is boiling throw the asparagus in. Now here's the important part, leave it in for exactly three minutes, no more no less.

My Dad gave me this recipe and it has never failed to come out perfectly. Things you can add are some garlic in the water, or after taking them out sprinkle with some pepper and garlic salt, or just eat them as is!

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  1. Sounds good...but do you have a recipe to get rid of the smell when you pee? Come up that and the Nobel Peace Prize is yours.