Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok so there are a few different types of mushrooms out there, most of us are probably most familiar with button mushrooms, the plain white ones we see most often in the store. But this mushroom is NOT our only choice!

Button mushrooms are great, but they are very mild in flavor and normally take on the flavor of the dish they are a part of. But there are also the brown italian mushrooms, that actually keep a longer shelf life in your fridge!

Then of course we have shiitake mushrooms, which have a more woodsy flavor and used in a lot of asian dishes. It's great in stir fry's, I use them when I make my chicken lettuce wraps.

You also see the oyster mushroom used in a lot of Asian meals, I actually used them instead when they were out of shiitake mushrooms.

Then of course we have the large portobello mushroom. This mushroom is great thrown on the grill and used as a substitute as meat in a sandwich. But if you aren't a vegetarian and want your meat it's still a great addition to any burger or sandwich!

So now we've covered a few varieties, let's talk about what they do for you. First of all they are LOW in calories, between 15-25 for a serving (about 5) depending on the mushroom, and shiitake is a little more, around 45 for a serving (about 5). But mushrooms also contain more protein then most vegetables. They are a good source of phosphorus and potassium. And recent studies show that they are in fact a source of vitamin B12!

Little tip... washing mushrooms ruins their delicate flesh so it's better to take a damp paper towel and just wipe off any dirt. NOW GO EXPERIMENT!

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