Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Use What's Left

Let's talk leftovers...

One thing I tend to make a lot of at dinner time is brown rice. It just adds to most of my meals well. But since I live alone and don't have people over for dinner too often my rice cooker always makes too much.

Thankfully I have found a way to use it in my breakfasts the next morning. I just grab whatever vegtables I have in my fridge, which is ALWAYS an onion (since they take a while to go bad) and sometimes some mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach...but you get the idea, whatever is around. I cut everything up and toss them in a pan to cook them a little, then I add my leftover brown rice from the fridge. Let everything get all heated up then I add my egg whites. Yes it is technically some sort of fried rice, but it is really good, and super nutritious.

I top off my meal with some hot sauce, I LOVE sriracha. But any kind works, or none. You could add soy sauce as well but I try to avoid adding too much sodium to my meals. The calorie count when I do it is only around 200 and it is really filling!

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  1. Sounds really good. What kind of egg whites do you use?