Monday, January 25, 2010

It's all greek to me!

Let's talk yogurt! It's a great snack, but it is loaded with sugar! You may get fat free and see that it's only 100 calories, which is great, but look at the sugar...14 grams! Even plain yogurt has a lot of sugar!

But GOOD news!!! I have found a great yogurt with much less sugar, Greek Yogurt! Here's a picture....

Ok so here's the match up..

YOPLAIT:100 calories FAGE:90 calories

YOPLAIT: 0 fat FAGE: 0 Fat

YOPLAIT: 14 grams of sugar FAGE: 7 grams of sugar!!!!

YOPLAIT: 5 grams of protein FAGE: 15 grams of protein!!!!!!! (Crazy Awesome)

So of course its not as sweet, but match it up with fresh fruit or granola with LOW sugar. YUM!

FYI Moment: Excess sugar converts strait to fat!

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