Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's play cards!

So one of my favorite workouts to do when I need a break from the gym is something my sister showed me. And yes it uses a deck of cards. I tend to jog to a nearby park (the jog is for warm-up) but you can do it anywhere you have a little space.

Here's how it works... Each suit represents a different exercise, and the corresponding number is how many you do, face cards are ten and aces are eleven not one!

The Exercises I do are...
Hearts: Squats
Clubs: Sit-ups
Diamonds: Push ups
Spades: Jumping Jacks (This is the one you can really play with, when I did it with my sister she did rows, but I liked adding a little cardio...)

Shuffle up the deck and get started! And believe it or not it's FUN!!

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