Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jillian Micheals....Hero or Villain?

Ok one of my favorite people is Jillian Michaels. Yep the "mean" trainer from Biggest Loser. But really she's not mean at all, she cares deeply about people getting healthy! She just knows how much it REALLY matters!

Watching the biggest loser is a great idea, they have soooo many GREAT tips. What they are doing is REAL. And if these people, weighing over 300 lbs can get in the gym and work there asses off, and eat right, why can't WE? It's a great motivator for me, that's for sure.

But more than that, I have a lot of Jillian's books. I have "Making the Cut", which is her 30 day diet and fitness plan to help us drop those last 10-20 lbs. Even if you don't do her diet the way she lays it out, she has a lot of Great info and some great, TUFF workouts to try! I also have her latest, "Mastering your Metabolism" which I really really like. It has really great truths in it, and is really worth reading. And Jillian really allows you to get to know her, and she doesn't hold back, she is an in your face tell it how it is person, and really I respect he hell out of her!I also have almost every Biggest Loser book, including there calorie counter....Some really really good stuff. I'm just saying check this stuff out, it's worth it! I would love to be able to care enough about the people I work with to be hated sometimes....cause sometimes we have to say/hear uncomfortable things in order to ultimately save our lives.

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