Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nice Butt!

Ok we all want the great ASS! As my sister says that WaBow...you know that curvy perky ass....well here are a few things to get it there...

Number One... LUNGES!!! You can do them standing or walking, but trust me doing 5 mins of walking lunges, and you ARE gonna feel it!

Squats are also great, add some weight once you get the form down, remember don't let your knees pass your toes or you will hurt your knee! Using an exercise ball against a wall is a great way to perfect your form!

Also standing facing a wall with your hands against the wall and simply raising your leg, one at a time backwards, slowly focusing on using your muscles and not momentum to raise the leg.

Lastly if you get down on all fours and raise one leg, bent at the knee and raise the foot toward the ceiling, do about thirty seconds straight each leg and you WILL feel it!!!!

Now go get the Wa BAM!

1 comment:

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