Friday, February 26, 2010

Keeping your Salad Healthy

So we all seem to think if we order a salad we are being healthy, and while all those vegetables are great for you, what kills it is the dressing! From ceaser to ranch to blue cheese, we drench our vegetables in calories!

Here are a few suggestions to help avoid too many extra calories. One strategy is to order dressing on the side, always do this so that you can monitor how much dressing is being used. Then you can either dip each bite lightly into the dressing or just dip your fork into the dressing before each bite.

The other great way to limit the amount of dressing is to either buy the dressings that are already made up in a mister, or buy your own (Misto) and mix your own dressing! Just balsamic and olive oil make a simple delicious dressing. But play around with different vinegars! Red wine vinegar is another great one, there really are a lot out there and each offer its own unique taste. Staying away from creamy dressings as much as possible is a good idea!

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