Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Circuit Up

So for losing weight an important thing that a lot of woman don't realize is that you must have a combination of cardio AND strength training. A lot of us just want to lose weight so we think cardio is the way to go. But the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you're burning just sitting there. So start incorporating some strength training into your workout!

I'm not saying you need to sit down and try to bench press 15o pounds like our male friends try to do. I'm suggesting working in a circuit. Here's the one I like to do....it's a timed circuit, so do the exercises non stop for the allotted time, no need to count reps.

Push Ups- 1 min
Squats- 1 min
Shoulder Press- 1 min
Squats- 1 min
Bicep curls- 1 min

Walking Lunges- 5 mins

Chair Dips- 1 min
Rows- 1 min
Standing Lunges- 1 min

Sit Ups- 7 mins

Once you go through it once or twice...start doing it through two times. Also my sister and I started playing with the exercises, making sure to still work out the designated areas. For instance instead of shoulder press, we do cleans. And instead of the standing lunges (cause come on you just did 5 mins of them!) we do dead lifts. You can play with the sit-ups and do a few different types in the 7 mins, as long as you keep going without stopping.

This circuit is really effective, but by no means the only option....pick a few exercises that work different parts of your body and either pick a rep amount or a time, and try to do at least two sets, three if you can. Maybe one day focus on lower body, calves, quads, hamstring, ass, and abs. Then another day do upper, back, chest, arms and abs again.

Just make sure to do strength training And cardio!!!

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